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Any doubts?

Everything you need to know before working with us.

In which industries do you work?

Due to our specialization and experience, we usually work with companies in fashion, accessories and decoration sector. We believe that knowing the product and the market in depth is what makes us strong when it comes to creating successful campaigns.

Do I need to have a running business to work with you?

Not at all! You can have a young business or be starting so that we can help you launch it and scale it. However, it is necessary to have enough budget to assume the investment in advertising and our service before starting.

How is the process to start working together?

After getting to know each other and understanding your business, we will agree on a budget that fits your needs. Depending on the channels of advertising, investment and other services.

Will we sign a contract?

Yes, we work with contracts of a minimum of 3 months. Why? It is the time we need to create a coherent strategy of testing, optimization and scaling. We can always end the contract earlier, with 30 days notice.

Will we hold reporting meetings?

Yes, we like to be in contact with you. We work remotely, so 90% of the meetings will be virtual. We make weekly or monthly reports, depending on your needs.

Why are you different?

We are a highly specialized agency, with the aim of offering a unique advertising + creativity service to reach your audience and strengthen your brand image. We do not want you to spend money on advertising, but to invest in your business.

What don't you do?

We like to set limits, we are not an agency that will offer you a pack of absolutely everything, we prefer to be the best in our niche. This is what we DO NOT offer :


  • Community management and social media management.

  • Search Engine Optimisation.

  • Organic content.

  • influencer marketing.

Is your business ready to take off? Contact us.

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Is your business ready to take off?🚀

Services that interest you

We work from anywhere in the world.
Our base camp is in Barcelona.


Somos una agencia boutique y seleccionamos cuidadosamente a cada nuevo proyecto.

Solo trabajamos con marcas con recorrido y crecimiento potencial.

Si estás escalando tu e-commerce, ¡hablemos!

Servicios que te interesan

Trabajamos desde cualquier parte del mundo.
Nuestro campo base está en Barcelona.

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